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Mission Failed…

Can you save the mission?


Your first mission went like a dream, you got the secret ingredient and arrived back to Australia early, hoping that would make the agency proud of you.  That was until you were caught. Suspected of importing drugs. Now, you're trapped in customs with the secret ingredients locked up. The 'Drop-bear Task Force' will be here in 1 hour, so you need to get your secret ingredient back and get out of this office before they get here.

Hurry, You are going to need more than 'good luck'.

This game is wheel chair accessible but not every element of the game is.

At least 1 member of your team should be capable of kneeling down (for a short time) and some items/puzzles are high.

Players 2-7


$80 for 2 people

$35 per extra adult

$32 per extra child 7-15

must be at least 1 adult in room

0-6 free