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Hurry. Promo ends soon. It is only for the school holidays.  let the games continue at home.

Hurry. Promo ends soon. It is only for the school holidays.

let the games continue at home.

Indoor Escape Rooms:

We offer 2 escape rooms 'Mission Failed' and 'The Lolly Shop' with a 3rd, 'The Rain Forest’ coming in 2020.

All our games have a continuous story.

Games can be played in any order. You do not have to follow the Mission order.

Mission 1 - Mission Failed - You have been captured by the enemy. Can you save your 1st real mission or will it be Mission Failed?

Mission 2 - The Lolly Shop - “Pops” is missing. Search his old lolly shop for clues. What has happened to Pops?

Mission 3 - The Rain Forest - The trap is set (coming in 2020)


Our indoor games:

Mission Failed…

Can you save the mission?

This game is wheel chair accessible but not every element of the game is.

At least 1 member of your team should be capable of kneeling down (for a short time)

Players 2-6 (We recommend at least 3)


$40 per adult

$35 per adult

in groups of 4 or more adults

$30 per child 7-15

must be at least 1 adult in room

0-6 free

Connecting to secure server: [Version 10.0.17134.285]
Message start...
 "Congratulations on passing your training. Your first mission (should you choose to accept it) is to collect Pop's (your Chief and commander's) secret ingredient from Madagascar and bring it back to us. The ingredient we need is the processed flour from a plant which grows in a hidden valley right next to what we believe is the fountain of youth... We believe that the pure water gives this plant incredible healing properties. 
 The DropBear agents have been after this secret for years. they want to use it to make super soldiers and take over the world. Our entire operation has been built to keep this secret safe...   Be careful and watch out for DropBears!
You have five days to complete your mission. You must return to Australia without letting anyone know what you are doing. Talk to no-one unless absolutely necessary. This is no holiday! Good luck and once again - don't get caught!"                                                                                       
message end…
Disconnected from secure server:

Your first mission went like a dream, you got the secret ingredient and arrived back to Australia early, hoping that would make the agency proud of you.  That was until you were caught. Suspected of importing drugs. Now, you're trapped in customs with the secret ingredients locked up. The 'Drop-bear Task Force' will be here in 1 hour, so you need to get your secret ingredient back and get out of this office before they get here.

Hurry, You are going to need more than 'good luck'.

The Lolly Shop

Pops, the chief of the agency you work for has been missing for about a year now. The authorities have given up and enacted on his will. Wow Pops left you his life long work, his lolly shop. Wow what an honor. But seriously, no one at the agency knew that Pops even had a lolly shop let alone where he is or why he left it to you.

Unfortunately as the shop has been closed for a year now, people have broken in and stolen all the stock and its a bit of a mess. As you start to look around the shop you cant help to think that Pops must have left a clue here.  Where is he? Did the dreaded Drop-bears finally get him?  What secrets does this old shop hold? Better hurry up though as in 1 hour the Drop Bear agents will be there also and you don’t want to be caught be the Drop Bears.


$40 per person

Connecting to secure server: [Version 10.0.17134.285]
Message start...

Attention all sleeper agents.
You are hereby re-activated into field work.
Pop’s (the head of our agency) has gone missing. He vanished a little over a year ago. No one has seen or heard from him since.

The authorities have actioned Pop’s will. Through the reading of his will we have discovered that Pops had a secret lolly shop. Why did he keep this from the agency?

Your mission is to go to the lolly shop, search it and see if there are any clues that Pops has left behind. Perhaps there is a clue as to what happened to Pops.

To accept this mission, you must go to https://www.dropbearescapes.com/booking/ and make a booking to the Lolly Shop.

Please hurry as we have discovered that the drop bear agency isn’t far behind. It is imperative that we get there first as the Drop Bears will likely destroy any evidence that might be left behind.

Message end…
Disconnected from secure server:

 Tips for Escaping

  1. Wear comfy clothing. You may be crawling on the floor, and there may be a lot of standing, sitting and searching for items on the ground. Don’t worry if you cannot get on the ground, perhaps another member of your team can, or if you prefer, we are able to modify our games to accommodate your needs.

  2. Communicate with teammates. You should tell your group members if you've solved a puzzle, or you need help with something. If you have an object that won't open until you put in the correct code, and someone else found a clue with the code you need, you won't put everything together unless you’re communicating.

  3. It is helpful to gather all the clues you find and put them in one place. Put like items together and then put any clues or puzzles that have already been solved in a pile.

  4. Finally, check everything in the room! Clues are hidden anywhere and everywhere. To win you’ll have to think creatively, listen, communicate, and collaborate with your team.