The Lolly Shop

Pops, the chief of the agency you work for has been missing for about a year now. The authorities have given up and enacted on his will. Wow Pops left you his life long work, his lolly shop. Wow what an honor. But seriously, no one at the agency knew that Pops even had a lolly shop let alone where he is or why he left it to you.

Unfortunately as the shop has been closed for a year now, people have broken in and stolen all the stock and its a bit of a mess. As you start to look around the shop you cant help to think that Pops must have left a clue here.  Where is he? Did the dreaded Drop-bears finally get him?  What secrets does this old shop hold? Better hurry up though as in 1 hour the Drop Bear agents will be there also and you don’t want to be caught be the Drop Bears.

This game is wheel chair accessible but not every element of the game is.

At least 1 member of your team should be capable of kneeling down and crawling (for a short time) and some items/puzzles are high.

Players 2-8


$80 for 2 people

Extra adults - $35 ea

Extra children (6-15) - $32 ea

must be at least 1 adult in room

0-6 free